ABC Russia / Azbuka Russian / Азбука для детей / Алфавит / Букварь для малышей

азбука для детей

Children's interactive application "ABC"( Русская азбука / букварь /алфавит) playfully introduces baby with Russian alphabet , involves children in learning letters and sounds .

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to the Russian thing , repeating its shape , so the child's education becomes a game with associations .

Letter - it's not just a picture , it is a fun interactive situation . You can eat watermelon , scare away the fish in the lake, sew buttons, play hide and seek , shake off apples from the tree and catch on the fly beetle.

For the convenience of the settings you can select the type of voice : "letter" , "sounds" or " poetry " ( the application has short funny poem to memorize the sound ) .

The online application is full of music, fun and rustling sounds.
Developing children's app "ABC rolls " no substitute for a primer , but acquaint kids with letters
in the playful form.


азбука для iPad
азбука для андроид планшета android

The project is made based on the children's book "ABC with holes " Svetlana Minkova .